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The new standard in <span class="f_700">Payments</span>, like never before.
Our Vision
Our Vision

To equip digital economy with most valuable and innovative technology.

Our Mission
Our Mission

To empower local & global businesses and individuals to go digital with their payments.

Our Values
Our Values

Progressive, Solution-Centric, Future-oriented, Transparent, Innovative, Sustainable, Diverse.

Our Philosophy
Our Philosophy

To make money move hassle-free & bring a robust digital ecosystem of payments to our end users.

Our Story


Simpaisa 2016

Simpaisa Incorporated Signed DCB contracts with all major Telcos Won Bill & Melinda gates Fintech challenge Raised Pre-Seed funding from Planet N Group.

Simpaisa 2017

Implementation of DCB contracts and integration with Telco partners.

Simpaisa focused on single large merchant, Tapmad, to develop and refine in-house platform, payment features & merchant offering.

Simpaisa 2018

Simpaisa scaled the DCB business and signed a host of digital gaming and digital entertainment merchants.

Development of features including charging API and recursion mechanism.

Simpaisa 2019

As national wallet launched and usage increased, Simpaisa signed the top four wallets as part of its merchant offering.

In parallel, Simpaisa began onboarding premium wallet-based merchants.

Development of features including free-trials, buckets and two-way unsub.

Optimization of re-hits and system scalability.

Raised Seed funding from Sarmayacar.

Simpaisa 2020

To further broaden its suite of Pay-In solutions for merchants, Simpaisa further extended its offering by adding transaction support for IBFT, domestic and international debit & credit cards, and tokenization.

Grew and improved wallet-based charging system with development of features including multithreading, cache, IP whitelisting, and SSL.

Simpaisa 2021

Simpaisa continued to add additional payment channels for Pay-Ins and started real time disbursements to wallets and bank accounts in Pakistan from B2C cross-border merchants.

Simpaisa also developed its merchant selfonboarding portal as well as a complete integrated reporting dashboard.

In addition, Simpaisa launched its support of Disbursements and started onboarding remittance merchant clients.

Simpaisa 2022

Continually reviewed, upgraded and added new payment channels and features.

Negotiated and onboarded a robust pipeline of potential Collection & Disbursement merchant clients.

Our Leadership

Translating vision into reality

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