Payments made possible with a single integration.

Seamlessly add the features you need to grow your business and make it stand out.

<span class="f_700">Payments</span>  made possible with a single integration.
Use Cases


Payment Type: Collections & Disbursements

Customers Paying-In to Companies for their drivers, couriers or accommodation

Companies Paying-Out to drivers, couriers and landlords

Eg: Indriver


Payment Type: Collection

Payments to global games publishers, gaming top-up shops, e-sports merchants

Eg: Garena

Digital Content & Entertainment

Payment Type: Collections & Disbursements

Payments to streaming platforms, satellite & cable companies for entertainment

Eg: Tapmad, Patari

Pay-outs from and pay-ins to content creators

Eg: Tik Tok, Snack Video


Payment Type: Collection

Online shopping including clothing, groceries and cosmetics

Eg: Gul Ahmed

Freelance Sector

Payment Type: Disbursement

Pay-Outs to freelancers in Pakistan (4th fastest growing market globally)

Eg: Web developers, handymen, temps, contractors


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